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好家居 · 精工造,从方案设计、原料采购、开料加工、运输安装到质量检验等十多道生产检验流程,伟煌业十年资深团队为你把好每一道关,确保每款产品皆精良之作。精益求精,服务升级,伟煌业还成功创立了实体营销展厅,为客户提供更真实、更便利、更快捷的优质家居体验,努力满足并超出客户期望。


伟煌业管理目标: 质量为先,信誉为重,管理为本,服务为诚。

Foshan Weihuan stainless steel products industry Co. Ltd., founded in 2007, is a one-stop service enterprises, a professional R & D, production and sales of metal Home Furnishing customized products, the main stainless steel cabinet, wine rack, wardrobe, screens and other high-end customized products and won the love of fashion people repeng. Ten years, Wei Huang industry technology innovation to sail, oars, constantly absorbing domestic and foreign advanced technology, the introduction of laser cutting, CNC shearing, gouging and other German advanced equipment, combined with precision cutting and welding process, "technology", "professional" and "fine" three pronged under the new material makes very modern sense and sense of science and technology -- the integration of stainless steel and Home Furnishing products perfect, and constantly create new products with Home Furnishing practical and decorative! Good Home Furnishing, Seiko, from design, raw material procurement, processing, transportation and installation materials to the quality inspection of more than 10 production inspection process, Wei Huang ten years senior team for you every good, to ensure that each product is excellent for. Excellence, service upgrades, Wei Huang also successfully created the "entity Marketing Exhibition Hall", to provide customers with more real, more convenient, more efficient quality home experience, and strive to meet and exceed customer expectations. Ten years of deep plowing, years of temper Wei Huang industry people extraordinary, along the way to win more customers trust and follow. At present, its sales network throughout the country, at the same time, overseas also has an international sales network, are exported to Malaysia, Singapore and other places. The next ten years, Wei Huang industry will continue to adhere to the "create China super stainless steel products, stainless steel Chinese shaping customized brand" of the enterprise core position, work together to update the brilliant ride the wind and waves!

Wei achieves industry enterprise culture:
Wei achieves business philosophy: to build China's superior stainless steel products, to shape China's stainless steel custom-made brand!
Wei achieves business philosophy: to build China's superior stainless steel products, to shape China's stainless steel custom-made brand!
Wei achieves business tenet: plastic corporate image, create high-quality brand.
Wei achieves industry mode of operation: production, processing, marketing planning, vertical service.
Wei achieves industry management goal: quality first, credit first, management, services for honesty.
Wei achieves industry constantly committed to build high quality stainless steel products, considerate professional no rust life service.
Your noble quality of life, and your elegant artistic taste, fashion culture of life, you are our pursuit of value.

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